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Home Construction Services

Affordable Home Solutions provides many home construction services to help keep your home looking great!

Storm Damage

Our region has been impacted by many hail and wind storms over the past few years. Most homeowners that we meet with for roof inspections have some damage as a result. Some of this damage is obvious, such as missing shingles or shakes and loose siding. However, some storm damage is difficult to detect without accessing the roof for an up close inspection. Let our team at Affordable Home Solutions, LLC put your mind at ease with a FREE inspection. If there is sufficient damage on your roof, you may qualify for a replacement through your homeowners insurance policy.


There's a good chance your replacement roof is one of the largest remodeling projects you'll undertake as a homeowner. We understand how important it is to work with roofers you can trust to get the job done right. After all, your roof is the only thing standing between your home and the elements. At Affordable Home Solutions, LLC our team of replacement roofers offers the exact level of service and craftsmanship you need for long-lasting, leak proof roof. Not only are our roofers highly experienced, but they also receive up-to-date training and have impeccable customer service and attention to detail. You can see the Affordable Home Solutions, LLC difference when you read our reviews from happy customers! Your home deserves the protection and style of a perfectly installed roof and Affordable Home Solutions, LLC is happy to provide it.


Whether you refresh the appearance, or change the colors of your walls or ceilings, the paint job has to be appealing and it has to protect against the elements. It has to be done right or you will have to re-do / renew the paint again in a few years. Only premium quality paints and materials are used from the initial preparation to the final topcoat to ensure that your painting project, will stay beautiful for years to come!


Siding replacements gives the perfect opportunity to upgrade your home. We can easily add new insulation to your home without breaking down drywall which saves you money every single month. If your home has wavy or uneven walls, we are able to fix that during our repair process.


When it's time to upgrade your existing gutters or install a gutter system, the professional gutter installers at Affordable Home Solutions, LLC provide comprehensive solutions. Your gutters not only keep your landscaping protected against heavy rains, they keep water away from the foundation of your home and protect it from moisture damage. Gutters are an integral part protecting any structure with a roof.


There are many benefits to go solar such as reduction of energy cost and tax incentives. Contact us to see if solar is right for you!